Your Golf Swing Is Never Static

Many amateur golfers seek to lower their handicaps. Their goal is also to break a certain score within a round – 100, 85, or 80. You love the game of golf. Does this sound like you?

There is one other important factor which will allow you to generate a consistent golf swing. That has to do with the use of your lower body, and core throughout the swing process. Many amateur golfers do not use their core correctly during their complete Bushnell golf rangefinder swings. It is why they have developed flaws during the process of hitting the ball correctly.

As far as how the feet are oriented, the right foot (for right handed players) should point straight forward). The left foot should be flared out a quarter turn (everyone is different but a quarter turn is a great starting point in helping the hips open on the downswing).

I have been using this golf drill for many years and while I am no golf superstar, it does re calibrate my swing tempo whenever I feel I need it adjusted. It is difficult to make every shot at the same tempo, so reverting to swinging the rope re-establishes the sense of rhythm in my shots which I can then reproduce on the golf course.

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To square the clubface at impact, think of keeping your lead wrist, (left for right-handed players, the opposite for left-handed players) flat as you strike the ball. Keeping your lead wrist flat will allow the club head to be square upon ball impact. This motion will allow for solid impact, minimizing the chances for an errant shot.

Slow play is hated by almost all the players, so you need to avoid slowing down play on the course. Maybe you didn’t notice that, but you often discover you are doing some of the same things to slow down play that you are complaining about others doing when you do take an honest look at yourself. How could you speed up our play? I would like to introduce some useful tips to avoid slow play on the course.

The Dave Way teaches golfers how they can get rid of their slice and enjoy their time on the golf course. It also comes with a money back guarantee in case you don’t like it.

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