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Prior to 2002, it may have been difficult to find many sports blogs about any team. The stigma associated to a blogger is quickly changing. Blogs are quickly changing the face of the media industry. Some of the most popular news sources in today’s media have started as simple blog ideas, such as Deadspin, Hugging Harold Reynolds, or Kissing Suzy Kolber. Some blogs are still a place for the author to rant incoherently about whatever bothers them for the day, while others are quickly becoming authorities over the topic that they cover.

When tasked with the job of finding the best Cal Bears blogs on the net, I honestly didn’t know if I’d find more than a couple. Turns out, my worries were unfounded. There are plenty of Cal Bears blogs, but not all of them deserve to be considered in the group of the best of them. The following blogs are that group.

Take care of the logistics. At this point in the breakup, some logistical things have to happen. First, you may need to let others know about the breakup. You might do it all at once through a medium such as Facebook, reveal the news to a select few friends who will spread the word, or share the msnbc live stream on a case-by-case basis. You may also have to handle some complicated issues, such as moving out of a shared apartment or splitting up assets. It may be best to take care of these logistics in person. On the other hand, if the two of you have a tendency to fight or to get physically intimate when you see one another, then do things from a distance until you are detached enough to spend neutral time together.

Set goals. One of the best things about a breakup is the opportunity to re-discover who you are. To get started on that process, consider some small goals you would like to accomplish during the next month, such as signing up for an art class or finishing a project at home. Write down your goal deadlines on your calendar, and hold yourself to them. Alternatively, you could create a list of ten life goals, such as backpacking through Europe or learning to cook. Then, set yourself deadlines for reaching small goals that will move you on your way toward accomplishing those larger goals.

Begin with a styling regime and begin pampering yourself. Switch to healthy food and keep work, if required select a makeover. Dress in step with the current times.

Debate and list three sections: “Must Haves,” “Would Be Nice,” “Cool, but Disposable.” Be diplomatic, and reasonable. If you or your spouse are in the military, I strongly recommend that you tell every single vendor. My husband, fiancee at the time, was in Iraq while I planned our wedding. I asked every vendor if they offered military discounts. Even if they didn’t, many would offer one on the spot. To those who refused, I would simply say, “Sorry, but we only work with vendors who support our troops.” Nine times out of ten, they would call back with a discount. Was I totally exploiting my fiancee, and milking the fact he was in Iraq? Oh yeah. He loved it, and it worked. It only worked because I wasn’t afraid to ask.

The good news is also a promise, for it is the basic for our redemption and salvation; it is a wonderful message because it will save our lives. So let receive that good news, live that promise, and understand that message to be saved.

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