Frugal Food Organization Tips – Part 2

Winter is on its way, no matter how we feel about that fact. Nationwide we have enjoyed a long and beautiful autumn, but as the days shorten here in the Midwest, we are keenly aware of what is to come. Snow and cold temperatures will soon be upon us, and along with these weather conditions come some risks and dangers. Readiness is always our best defense against nature’s elements. Even though the snow is not here yet, it is never too early to prepare your home with a few basic winterizing projects. A few simple steps to prepare your home will help keep you safe and cozy all winter long.

As you’ve most likely seen on food cooking shows, preparing your produce after you’ve brought it home could save you time during the week, and keep your fruit and vegetables crisp longer. How often have you thrown away produce simply because you didn’t maintain it appropriately inside the refrigerator? This tip too, could help you save some bucks.

So many stars in a row and I’d get a toy. It was then that I began counting the number of swallows that I kept down. Apparently, the compulsive counting of food swallows has faded away over 45+ years, but this is not so with liquids.

The biggest challenge we’ve faced with this new lifestyle is Meal Prep aration and kitchen duty. I called upon my experienced friend for some tips about how to “get it all done” including shopping, Poverty Meal Prep, clean-up and dishwashing. She suggested I invest in some good kitchen organizers. If everyone pitches in on a job or two and uses the kitchen organizers to quickly get their task completed, then we can all benefit. The burden won’t fall on any one person (usually mom).

Suppose you need to get work done, but you’re in a funk. First, rate the level of your bad mood on a scale of 1 – 10 (1 being “minor,” 10 being “can hardly stand it”). Then ask, “What specifically led to this mood?” Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep, or you argued with your boss this morning. Pinpoint the facts of what happened. Then figure out if you’re making up anything about the incident that has very little to do with the facts. For example, “My boss doesn’t like me.” Then ask yourself, “What’s a more rational way of thinking about this?” Now rate your mood again. The number will probably be lower. Then get moving–work your way further out of the funk.

If Mom really loves to read then a gift card to Barnes and Noble may be just what she needs this Mother’s Day. Another choice would be a Books a Million gift card. Both of these gift cards can be purchased in store or online. A Barnes and Noble gift card not only buys books but DVDS, Music C.D.s, or other things such as journals on their website.

Fast forward a few years later, Ken and I gutted our kitchen and renovated (ourselves I might add). We installed granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, customized pantry, but the thing that brings me the most joy in my kitchen is a little thing. No one notices it, but it makes my every day meal prep a breeze. It is a small little organizer to hold my pans, cutting boards, muffin tins, cooling racks, etc. Now when I pull out a pan that I need, nothing falls out, I don’t need two hands, everything else stays put. Ahhhh! Such a little thing, but with so much power. I love it so much I have two!

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