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It is possible for both amateurs and seasoned fishermen to enjoy carp fishing with only the vary basics of tackle, bait and of course plenty of patience. The first thing you will need to know though, is where to find the fish.

It is important to assess your idea objectively in the cold light of day. By all means seek expert opinions, and ask the opinion of people you trust. But make your own assessment of the facts too. Business history is littered with examples of highly successful business ideas that no one but their inventor believed would work – one need look no further that Dyson’s bagless vacuum cleaner or Richard Bayliss’s clockwork radio. What distinguished these two inventors was absolute determination and the ability to grit their teeth and plough on, regardless of criticism and opposition.

First of all, you need to make sure that the lake chosen by is stocked with good quality carp. Fishing at some lakes, which you are not very sure about, would be nothing more than a sheer waste of your time and money. And obviously you don’t want your carp Fischen in Ungarn in France to get spoilt. So, it is better to do a little research before booking with a particular privately-owned lake in France.

Interestingly, in a recent follow-up to the much-acclaimed UK series Dragon’s Den, it was often the businesses the Dragons criticised most heavily and decided not to invest in that were most successful. Did the Dragon’s criticism drive the rejected entrepreneurs to prove them wrong, or does it simply show that even successful business people don’t necessarily recognise a good idea when it lands in their lap!

This write-up will be of great help to you in case you are seeking to appreciate a carp fishing holiday in France. It examines the numerous factors which you must check prior to choosing a venue to do carp fishing for your subsequent holiday. Let us see these points in more detail.

Identify your competitors – how many of them are there, and how successful are they. Who is the lead player? Who is second? Find out as much as you can about them – collect brochures, leaflets and any other information you can. Test out their websites and call their enquiry service or visit their shop/office if it is open to the public. Analyse their service/product honestly and objectively. What are their strengths? What are their weaknesses?

Now, you can have a look at numerous websites and compare them in terms of facilities as well as prices. Some lakes expect you to follow strict rules and regulations. For instance, some are very particular about the tent you have to use or about the bait that you don’t have to use and so on. So, you need to explore and see that what suits you the best. Some lakes also allow you to have real fun while staying at a Gite. As soon as you make up your mind, make sure to book your place well in advance so to make your carp fishing holidays in France hassle-free.

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