Five Easy Article Marketing Tips

Business today is faster, more competitive and change focused than even ten years ago. Some retail channels are hardly recognizable today because of the changes which have been wrought in recent years.

Always remember that the bottom line is for your articles to be submitted, approved and crawled by the search engines. Give it about a week or two and verify that your articles do indeed turn up in the search engines. Also, take note of the turn around time: how long does it take for your articles to be submitted? Is there a huge back log? If there’s a long queue, probably your articles won’t be submitted in a timely fashion later on, especially if you submit in bulk.

Now, lets get back to the main goal of news releases in search engine marketing, which is increasing organic visibility. Traditionally, the goal of news releases was to get them published and read. The goal of news releases in Search Engine marketing, however, is to have them found online, get them read, and build one-way links to your company.

On the Internet, if you want to drive traffic to your website, you need to learn how to build links. There are many ways you can do that. You can participate in forums and leave your links in your signature. You can make guest posts at other bloggers’ blogs. Or you can use article distribution services to announce the birth of your new website.

One of the better ways to acquire targeted traffic is to write and submit quality articles. Each article has a resource box at the bottom where you can place a small bio about yourself and a link to your website. You don’t want to advertise within the body of the article itself. This will just turn away your reader. The article can be submitted manually to sites on the internet that accept these types of submissions. You should consider paying an article leaflet distribution near me to distribute your articles if you want to save a lot of time. Your articles should be between 400 – 1500 words and, ideally, they should be about 700 – 800 words. If you don’t like writing articles, you can have then ghost written for a small fee per article.

It is easier to communicate in person to the very people who you wish to talk to on issues that are important to you and receive good feedback from people whom have had similar experiences.

Keep in mind that you can make links with the key phrases linked and pointing to certain pages of your site, landing pages. Such phrases are better to be the same ones used in the optimization process of the link receiving pages.

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